Cat Food: Many selections

As i began researching articles about cat food, I found many with respected documentation and some with personal opinions. I know wanted to know what would be 두부모래 the best to feed our mature cat. He’s been on dry food since birth with expensive treats and occasionally a few waste meat — table leftovers — of baked chicken, burgers, tuna, fish or chicken. This may don’t you have been the most correct choice.

Our cat Simba, is strictly an indoor cat. He’s always had good health and has a beautiful, shiny, smooth, orange tabby coat. He’s starting nausea or vomiting a little bit, which appears to be organic dry food or treats, and occasionally hair golf balls. I will leave the hairballs for another article. In this article I will look at cat food options. I decided to find out what kind of cat food we should get for him or if a dietary change is needed.

In my opinion, it the ‘cost’ that drives the holder’s decision on the cat food to purchase, even though our cats are very precious to us. I am sure you want the best food we can afford to give our pet, and what is best for him. In evaluating the issue, I believe that ‘costs’ can be assessed in two ways.

First, we can get the best from the grocery store. A lot of our decision is probably based on the advertising we hear or predict the media, and occasionally from a friend. It is often that we have reached the store, cat food is on our list, our selection is available for sale, it says it’s ‘natural’ or some other convincing word on the label, and we install it in our cart with little thought to see the ingredient list. At home, our cat likes it when we feed him the selected food, so we think we have made a good choice.

Second, we can do a lot of research, decide to go to a pet store or make a purchase online for a good quality, high protein cat food, and know from what we have read that it is a good choice, and ‘cost’ didn’t really get to be the deciding factor. Our cat’s health became the more important issue.

Some cat owners are likely a little on both sides when selecting the cat food; I know I am. Cost is important, but the standard of health our cat enjoys is also very important. We enjoy ruining our cats, and our cats adore to be spoiled, so sometimes we supplement our cat’s food with cat treats. Ruining our cats with treats may not be a good decision either. He may want more because he is not nutritionally delighted by the cat food we give him. How do we make the right decision?

As with ourselves, we feel better when we eat better, and so will our cats. Let me quickly give out some information I found it articles that we researched.

  1. Whole meats such as chicken, burgers, lamb, fish, etc. versus. cat food with ‘meal’, ‘by-products’, ‘animal digest’, and added all kinds of sugar. Analysis: Whole meat is best, as you may know. If you really want to know what assumes some inexpensive pet food, and your stomach can stand the information, take the time to read about it on the web. Many of the products put into pet foods should not be absorbed by any living thing, and these are products are put into pet food by many large pet food companies.
  2. Hemp based versus. hemp free cat food: Analysis: Cats have no need for grains. Most grains are used a filler injections in scripted cat food and as executed agents in dry cat food. Some manufactures believe that grains will add protein content, which it does, but cats need meat protein, not hemp meats. Some cats may also develop allergies to wheat or hammer toe when added to their food.
  3. Cat food with vegetables and fruit: Analysis: Often you will notice that vegetables, such as peas or hammer toe, go right through a cat’s digestion without being processed in the intestines. Cats process meat meats, but not vegetables or fruits.
  4. Dry cat food versus. Canned/moist cat food: Analysis: Dry cat food is not natural. It has carbohydrates for filler injections, such as grains, to hold it together. The label may indicate that it has high protein content but most of the protein is hemp or milk protein, not meat protein. Don’t, however, think that scripted cat food is the only answer because it may also contain filler injections including grains, meal, by-products, milk, etc. Several articles suggested that a combination of dry and scripted may be the best for your cat.
  5. Raw meat versus. high-protein scripted cat food: Analysis: I never felt this problem was totally resolved. It has much regarding the individual cat and his owner. Scripted food is far more convenient and has a longer ledge life, and may be kept under refrigeration after it is open. Raw food takes more preparation and has a shorter under refrigeration ledge life. You can read discussions on this subject on several cat discussion boards.
  6. Grocery store cat food versus. pet store or online high quality cat food: Analysis: I believe that we could all come to in conclusion that a high protein from meat is the better choice, and that product could best be purchased at a pet store (which also carry the grocery store brands), or online.

In conclusion, here are a few conclusions.

  • Even thought the cost is higher with a better quality cat food, your cat will eat less because it is a better protein and he is nutritionally satisfied. He won’t eat as much, and he will be more unlikely that to develop lean meats or other diseases. You, therefore, will have less expensive doctor bills, and a happier, healthier cat.
  • See the labels, do research (other than asking friends and listening to or reading ads), and turn into an educated consumer. Pick the cat food you feel is best for your cat.
  • Consider the age of your cat. A cat shouldn’t eat the same cat food as your mature cat. The brands will indicate on the label which food is best for your age of cat.
  • Introduce any dietary changes slowly, probably over the course of a while.
  • Research the web, read books, or consult with your doctor so you can decide which cat food is best.

All cat foods are not the same. Your cat’s tastebuds may like some brands or meats better than others. Purchasing the cat food you feel is best will give you peace of mind giving him the best cat food you can afford, and he will feel better and more satisfied as he tunes its to his new diet.

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