The unique Species of Gourami Fish

Gourami is a tropical fish living in fresh water. It comes from a family called ‘Labyrinth’. The main ปลา สลิด ราคา characteristic of this family is the fish have an organ for breathing. This organ is linked to their gill chamber.

This feature of Labyrinth family is very unique and it helps them to take oxygen from the air if the water is not having sufficient level of oxygen. So fish in this family can breathe even by taken from the water for a long time.

Gourami fish originated from Asia and Photography equipment are there are about 15 different species of Gourami which are around for the fish keepers. The original amongst them is called ‘Goramy’ and it originated from Indonesia and China.

This ‘Goramy’ fish is also called ‘Giant Gourami’ because it grows very big and its length can exceed two feet! If you want to keep this ‘Goramys’ in your aquarium tank, you must have a very large area or you should create a big water-feature outside your house to keep them. They can meet 25 years or even longer so once you keep them; they will be with you for a long time.

Then there is another species called the getting Gourami. They are somehow opposite to the giant ‘Goramy’ because they grow up to 8 in .. Another species called ‘talking Gourami’ is even smaller. They can grow only up to 2 in .. They are called ‘Talking Gourami’ because they make a sound when they come to the surface to take oxygen from the air.

There is one more type available to fish keepers, which is sometimes called the Moonlight Gourami. They are silvery blue in color and their fins are like a place.

Most of the Gourami species require similar conditions for their living. They are be comfortable in the choice of 75-80° F. They adore to live in slightly acidic water with a pH level of around 6. 0 to 6. 5

You will have a lot of plants in the aquarium tank when you keep Gourami fish. The plants should be sturdy because the size of the fish is big. You can use fine or medium substrate towards the bottom of the container.

Gouramis should find a nicely balanced nutrition. They will eat whatever emerges to them and they can survive with almost any food but you should plan their food well to keep them healthy. Keeping dry food as a base, you can feed them with live food occasionally. You should also provide vegetables and all sorts of red worms. In the absence of appropriate food, they do not look healthy and they’ll not live for a long time.

All the species of Gourami fish are peaceful in nature and they can get along with other members of the community quite nicely. You should keep them with other fish of the same size so that they will not be any battles. You can also keep same species of Gourami in the aquarium tank but as they are bigger in size, they do not be able to live comfortably with the growth in their numbers.

One more important characteristic about Gourami is — if they are of the same species, they may have territorial ambitions. So they really will fight with each other for their territories. If you have sufficient plants in your aquarium tank, these plants can act both as a barrier and a boundary which can keep the fish contended with one area.

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