A Crash Course in Miracles

This is the crash course in miracles, an inspirational, “now” book by Phil Cooke called, The Secret. Mr. Cooke claims that he can reveal to you what it really takes to have a successful, fulfilling and ultimately happy life. Along with his friend best acim podcast Scott Gilmore, Mr. Cooke put together this amazing series of DVDs, which are easy to view and extremely motivating. Many people have raved about this DVD series and said that it has changed their lives for the better.

You will be introduced to a multitude of individuals that have been able to overcome many life obstacles and achieve tremendous success. Each chapter contains true stories from real people just like you and me, who have used the principles inside this course to achieve amazing results in their lives. The secret course teaches you step by step how to live a life filled with happiness and fulfillment, while at the same time enjoying all the rewards that life has to offer.

The course is broken down into chapters each focusing on a different aspect of life: health, relationships, money, self-confidence, spirituality, growing, motivation, productivity and more. Within each chapter you will find a message that speaks to your soul purpose. Each lesson is illustrated with practical examples and testimonies from real people who have applied the principles inside this course. There are no hidden secrets here! This is a course in miracles that will truly change the way you view life.

The message within this DVD is clear: live life full of confidence, wealth, happiness, love and contentment. Don’t look back, look forward to what’s next! Don’t settle down, move out of the house! These are the lessons that will help you transform your life… in a very short period of time.

The course is available in an English or Spanish language version. I know that some people might be a little put off at not being able to understand the teachings properly, but really, you’ll get a better grasp of the concepts by listening to them rather than reading them. If you’re still having trouble understanding them, don’t worry – after you finish the course, there will be a lot more resources available to you to help you. In fact, a few weeks after receiving the DVD, I got a free email with even more tips and information on How to Turn Your Life Around Now! Not only does this provide the core fundamentals for making life changes, it also provides lots of motivation and support as I continue to make and take the changes needed to achieve my goals. That is why I highly recommend it.

This DVD is an incredible tool to help us transform our lives. It helps us make the right choices and it inspires us to be persistent. Who wouldn’t want all of that goodness thrown into one package? Who wouldn’t want a course in miracles that will really make a difference in their lives? Don’t delay any longer… get this course now!

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