Supplies Used in Foundry Technology

aluminum melting induction furnace

There are several types of equipment and supplies that are widely used in the process of metal casting, investment casting, die casting and various other types of foundry castings. Most of the equipments and supplies include a wide gamut of molding machines and mixtures, furnaces, transporters, ladles and huge stock of metals and alloys, chemical binding products, special types of sand castings, abrasives additives and filters.

These foundry equipments and supplies also comprise a bevy of improved techniques and machinery that are aluminum melting induction furnace required to fulfill the task of metal casting. The usual process of metal casting involves melting metals in furnaces and then pouring the hot molten metals into the metal cast to give it the desired shape or create various types of products. The foundry supplies may comprise of huge stock of chemical compounds which are widely used to hold together different types of alloys and specialty sands to create the molds. This special variety of sand is termed as green sand and they are commonly used in most plants as it is specially formulated to retain the shape much better than normal sand. A metal foundry may be specialized in creating foundry products of a specific metal or have special furnaces and other foundry equipments and supplies which are largely designed for the specific procedures. There may be other foundries that may deal in foundry castings with use of different kinds of metals and alloys, which might include vast range of iron foundry, zinc foundry, aluminum foundry, bronze foundry, copper foundry, brass foundry and much more.

In foundry technology there are several types of metal castings, the most common procedure is that molten metals are poured inside molds made of casting sand and when the metal has solidified they are removed from the castings. Most often the casting sand is water based or oil based. The water based sand casts are also known as green casts, which are made by combining moist mixture of clay and sand. There are different sorts of foundries and each of the foundry may use specific or combination of different types of foundry equipment and foundry supplies. The iron for example may use blast furnace which is more commonly termed as Cupola. Bronze and brass foundries may typically have gas heated furnace or electrical induction furnace. Foundry equipments and supplies may also include machinery and resources such as injection molding or investment casting gadgets. Investment casting is also popularly termed as lost wax casting. In this procedure, usually wax and other thermoplastic supplies are used to make different kinds of foundry products.

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