History of Facebook

Just where did Facebook come from? All of the sudden there it was. A young sophomore at Harvard University by the name of Mark Zuckerberg; in two thousand and four invented Facebook and it was used primarily at Harvard. The first name was “at thefacebook” and later changed to just Facebook. He took the publications that Harvard would pass out and at the beginning of the school year Wise-XY DE put these together for students. He thought these would help them get to know each other and find their way around the big new campus. He felt this would be a good way to ease the pain of going off to college. And it worked.

A year later other big name colleges wanted the same thing for their students. At the end of two thousand and five, Facebook was available to the high schools. In two thousand and six, if you were thirteen or older you could join face book, whether you were in high school or not. When it hit the internet, it could not keep up with everything.

Over the years Facebook was on a roll and started adding different features to the website. There are much more privacy features, notes, adding images to your blog, making comments about certain things; news feed, instant messaging, etc.

One sometimes wonders how Facebook makes money. They must make it somehow or it would not be on the internet and the websites would have collapsed. Facebook marketing has investors, huge investors. Such include but not limited to are, Greylock Partners, Accel Partners and even PayPal. Microsoft got on the bandwagon as well and put up two hundred and forty six million dollars for a small share of Facebook. A billionaire from Hong Kong, Li ka-Shing is known to put in a lot of money as well. Google and Yahoo wanted to buy Facebook but young Mr. Zuckerberg said Facebook is not for sale.

Other than the investors, Facebook makes its money from advertisers. See all those banners flying across the pages, usually annoying? Those are advertisements from different companies, wanting you to buy their products. That is way Facebook is free to people like you and I.

Through the years Facebook marketing had to come up with a few rules and regulations to cover themselves in case of law suits. No one under the age of thirteen can sign up on Facebook. That is the biggest one they have. Some feel anyone younger will not understand what Facebook is about and could lead to severe problems, not only for the people under thirteen but for their parents as well. Facebook has quite a few really neat features including being able to put up pictures and blogs.

Today Facebook marketing is the second largest networking site there is in the world. Google being number one. To get on Facebook all you have to have is a valid email address and you are good to go.

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