Five Tips You Must Use When Flirting

Do you wonder if you have mastered your inner flirt? Do you ever wonder if you are a good flirt?

Is flirting difficult and uncomfortable for you? If you have answered yes to these questions, the following will provide Niteflirtphonesex on flirting.

Mastering your inner flirt can be accomplished using 5 techniques. Remember, flirting is a harmless way of letting a guy know you would like to know him better. So, read the tips, relax, choose a guy, and begin practicing your new found flirting skills.

Be playful: When flirting with a guy, choose a playful approach. Playful suggests relaxed, easy going, and ready to have fun, kind of girl. Laughing at his less than funny jokes, or teasing about his team’s loss over the weekend, signals an approachable person who doesn’t take life too seriously.

Be alone: Yes, it is tempting to flirt when you are in a group, but don’t. First of all, who is the focus of your flirting and second, it might embarrass the guy you are flirting with; not a great way to start. Keep your flirting one on one: it sends the message you’re interested in him and no one else.

Be positive: Have a positive attitude, and positive body cues. Maintain eye contact with your guy at all times and lean toward him. This cues imply keeping others out and again, focusing only on him. Keep the conversation uncomplicated. Choose topics that are general and unemotional.

Be complimentary: When mastering your inner flirt, you have too use caution when you compliment a guy. Be frugal and genuine in your efforts. Too much of a good thing implies insincerity and a lack of nothing better to say.

Be touchy feely: Again, use with restraint. A gentle shove when laughing at a joke, or a light touch on his hand is fine; however, hanging all over him and or too much kissing could make him wonder what you are really after.

A playful, positive, engaging, and genuine woman is what attracts men. When mastering your inner flirt, remember and use the 5 tips that will have him following you out the door ready for more.

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