Drawing Portraits Can Be Fun

Drawing portraits can be fun. Not family portrait painting people know how to draw or don’t attempt it since they think that they can’t so they never attempt it. Like they say you’ll never learn how to swim unless you get in the water. Well the same thing applies for drawing. I mean drawing anything. I like to draw animals and portraits but I didn’t get their over night. It took some practice. Practice Practice and you guessed it more practice.

The best thing is to use the resources that are out there. Read books, go to the library, get online and find what it is you are looking for. Study other peoples are and get ideas. Many artists are willing to teach you and give you tips on how to draw. There are schools you can go to if you want to take that route. Get connected with people who like to draw and get ideas from them.

Never say you can’t draw just because it seems intimidating at first. The possibilities are endless when you put that pencil down on the paper with the right attitude, materials and ideas. You can create beautiful works of art that will be appreciated by others and yourself. After drawing a while you might even surprise yourself as to how good you have gotten. There is nothing like people giving you compliments about your art. It gives you a boost and make you want to continue. Take comments lightly and take ideas and suggestions so that you can improve. Once you get the hang of drawing you might want to try drawing portraits of people. I find this to be the best all around form of drawing. Keep practicing and never never give up.

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